About Our School

Letter from Our Head of School

Welcome to Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico!

Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico (Destinations) is a statewide program that uses innovative technology and a rich curriculum from K12. Our program encourages students and parents to grow and learn together by exploring their personal interests and collaboratively participating in academic pursuits.

Once you begin at Destinations, you enroll in more than a school program. Walking through our virtual doors, you’ll immediately see a school program devoted to you and your student. We’ve designed educational supports that both enhance the learning experience and provide you, the parent, strategies and techniques to help meet your student’s unique needs.

At Destinations, we know that every student can flourish when given the opportunity. We believe in thinking differently, inspiring students, and partnering with our community. We lift students to higher standards and remove the option of failure.

We’re honored to partner with you in your child’s education.

Best regards,

Gerald Horacek

Gerald Horacek

Head of School